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The Case for an MBA

Building Business Skills

Career Impact

The Timing and Value of an MBA

Where Connections Begin


Building Business Skills

Connecting the Classroom with the Business World

  • Nearly 80% of Foster EMBA students have no undergraduate business degree
  • Gaining the formal business knowledge and skills improves students’ abilities to better understand their own companies and how to better communicate with organizational leaders
  • Lala Somma (EMBA 2015) shares her perspective on learning a new language

What I think the program has given me so far in order to pursue my ultimate goal of being my own boss, is to really learn everything that I need to know about how to build a business. I am definitely not a finance person whatsoever. So when the first time I had to take financial accounting was the scariest thing for me because, I haven't taken math since I was in high school.

But it has given me a new sense of understanding of how my company works, and I think that the things that they think about when it comes to creating a budget, or whatever that may be, and now I know how to talk to them. I know what type of information they need in order for them to make a decision when it comes to me asking for more money for whatever project I'm doing. So it's become very valuable. They're teaching you the vocabulary of business.

I do work for a very large corporation, and we do have our own dialect, but this has added to my vocabulary. And now I can talk to them in their language a little bit more than before. And I do really see a difference.