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The Case for an MBA

Building Business Skills

Career Impact

The Timing and Value of an MBA

Where Connections Begin


Building Business Skills

The Language of Business

  • Having a better understanding of business fundamentals allows students to make an immediate impact in their day-to-day work
  • As business knowledge and skills expand, new opportunities often present themselves
  • Britt East (EMBA 2015) had a music background before moving into corporate-America. He shares is development experience within Foster EMBA


One of the first things I think that potential students, candidates think about when applying for an MBA is the return on investment because of the deep financial commitment-- what am I going to get out of it? Tangibly, financially, but also what sort of esteem am I going to gather from my colleagues? What sort of status am I going to gain from going through this program? What am I going to learn?

The conversations that I have at work are so different now because I speak a new language, even after only one quater in the program. The meetings I get invited to are different. The work that gets handed to me is different. So it's all those soft day to day ways that the MBA has enhanced my professional relationships, and then also the very tangible ways whether comes to position, title, or salary or whatever. I think it's been both-- I mean, both. Immediately out of the gate, I've been very fortunate.

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