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The Case for an MBA

Building Business Skills

Career Impact

The Timing and Value of an MBA

Where Connections Begin


Career Impact

Time for a Change?

  • Some EMBA students enroll to facilitate a career change
  • About 20% of EMBA students arrive at Foster EMBA with technical backgrounds looking to change directions
  • John Wallace (EMBA 2010) shares his insights about moving from engineering to a product marketing role

I was an engineering manager at Intel. I'd always been driven more towards the-- I wanted to get off less on a strictly technical route. I was driven to the business marketing side of things. So for me, it was just a good time in my career to make a change. And so I finished my EMBA, and about three or four months later, I'm still with Intel. But I changed jobs.

I'm now a manager of our product marketing group in our netbook and tablet division. So it really gave me the ability to change disciplines, to go from engineering to a product marketing role, that I don't think I would have been able to do without the degree under my belt.