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The Case for an MBA

Building Business Skills

Career Impact

The Timing and Value of an MBA

Where Connections Begin


Career Impact

Specialist to Generalist

  • As careers progress, professionals often times from specialist roles (subject matter experts) to generalist roles (management roles)
  • The curriculum is designed to help experienced professionals identify and fill competency gaps
  • Anumeha (EMBA 2015) discusses the role earning an MBA had in helping her transition to a more business oriented role from a technical role

I decided to go for MBA now, because I have transitioned from a core programmer, a specialist skill set, into a more of management person. I really wanted to get a complete understanding of how the business world works and where do our specialist skills fit.

I saw the need for me to get more skills and get a better understanding of talking to people, senior management, vendors, and my senior management or client senior management. So I really wanted to get a good grasp of to be able to talk to them and understand what is it that they really need. And I could see that I had gaps in my understanding and that I was not able to help them to the level that I wanted to help them. So that's why I decided to go for MBA now.