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The Case for an MBA

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The Timing and Value of an MBA

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The Timing and Value of an MBA


  • The average weekly time commitment is approximately 30 hours per week
  • In addition, the financial obligation is considerable for EMBA programs
  • Britt East (EMBA 2014) shares insights about the return on investment and education



One of the first things I think that potential students, candidates, think about when applying for an MBA is the return on investment. Because of the deep financial commitment, what am I going to get out of it? Tangibly, financially, but also what sort of esteem am I going to gather from my colleagues? What sort of status am I going to gain from going through this program? What am I going to learn?

So I was really fortunate in my experience in that I won a scholarship that was from my place of employment. And in fact, it was the first year the scholarship was created. And so it's a very public application that I submitted. Because of that, I received a promotion shortly after gaining admittance into the program. And those two things were not explicitly linked, but in my mind, they were inextricably linked.

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