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The Case for an MBA

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The Timing and Value of an MBA

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The Timing and Value of an MBA

A Week in the Life

  • Balancing work, family, and MBA obligations is a learned skill
  • Martin Fichter (EMBA 2014) describes an “average” week for EMBA students
  • The value of real time application is a hallmark of EMBA programs



The work week of an EMBA student, Monday morning, come to the office. Do the usual grind. All day, just work keeping up. Come home for dinner. Talk to my daughter about statistics.

Because I had a question in one of the case studies that I saw the day before that was related to statistics. And I had no idea. But my daughter was able to explain it to me because she just does an AP class on statistics and math. Helped.

Then, Monday evening, weekly call with my study group. Go through group projects and how we're doing on the case studies. After that, a quick call with the teaching assistant for accounting. Monday done. Tuesday, no working on EMBA. Just work.

Wednesday, trip to Washington DC, five-hour flight, wonderful. Pulled out the accounting book, read a few of the chapters, and got ready for a case that I did the next morning before my meeting. Worked out that case. Hour and a half over breakfast, done deal, wonderful, less work on the weekend.

Thursday, back in the office, interesting discussion about whether I can account something, some money, that we're getting in as revenue or whether I have to wait until something is really accomplished. I was finally able to weigh in. Usually, our CFO had to make these decisions on his own.

Now, I was able to say something to it. So application of what I had learned, immediately very important to me. Friday, getting ready for the weekend. Oh, wait. There's one more thing that I need to read and prepare. I'll do that somewhere in the break.

Saturday, family time, no work, no nothing. Sunday, work out in the morning, four-hour block working on case studies-- getting things done so that on Monday, for the next team call, I'm ready to present my piece. That's about a week.