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The Case for an MBA

Building Business Skills

Career Impact

The Timing and Value of an MBA

Where Connections Begin


Where Connections Begin

The EMBA Cohort and Learning Team Advantage

  • Foster EMBA students are placed on Learning Teams
  • Teams of 5-6 students with varying skill sets allow students to better navigate the curriculum
  • Britt East (EMBA 2014) shares his perspective about the Foster EMBA structure



When I was looking at MBA programs, I was naive in that I didn't realize the breadth of the diversity out there for types of degrees-- either in focus or in schedule or in the audience segment. So, for me, the executive MBA, what is so intrinsic to it is the cohort-- the team of six people, seven people that you go through the entire two-year process with. These people, I mean, I would not have made it through the first quarter without them. They're incredibly intelligent, thank goodness.

They are meticulous and motivating and thoughtful and kind and absolutely wonderful and have far exceeded my expectations. The cohort experience far exceeded my expectations in coming to the Foster School. And that is why I chose the executive MBA program because I wanted to be around other executives.

And I wanted to be around them frequently. And I wanted to be around them in challenging situations and really get to know them and work together because from my prior schooling, I know that you learn as much or more from your colleagues as the teachers and the books themselves. So that, to me, was really what sets the executive program apart.

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