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The Case for an MBA

Building Business Skills

Career Impact

The Timing and Value of an MBA

Where Connections Begin


Building Business Skills

Quality Faculty Are Essential

  • Understanding business strategy is an important business skill
  • To appreciate strategy, gaining an understanding of microeconomics is a good start
  • Expert faculty such as Professor Charles Hill guide student learning through real business cases to improve students’ ability to be more strategic


The market in this first chapter peaks in Christmas 1982 where the annual sales for that year, for 1982, were $3 billion. And then the bottom dropped out of the market. The market collapsed to $100 million.

So we had a very strong boom and we want to explore what drove the boom. And that boom was followed by a pretty cataclysmic bust that drove the industry pretty much into oblivion. And it was left to Nintendo to come back and rebuild that industry, which we'll look a little later on.

So I want to start with the boom and the bust. And I want to try and figure out what factors led to the boom. We'll talk about that first. Why this growth and demand, that should be pretty obvious. But in particular, why this inflection point and what led to an acceleration of the rate of growth of demand.

Brian, you're still sitting at the front. You know, every time you sit at the front, you normally get asked questions. But I am going to go ask Matt because he thinks I'm not looking over there. Mat--


What drove the rate of growth in demand for the first year of the video game industry? What were the factors here that were important?